Terms of Service

Updated February 19, 2021.

These Terms of Service are between Podcast Industry Insights (“the Service”), a subsidiary of D.Joseph Design LLC, and you (“you” or “the User”), and govern the use of the Service and its data, statistics, and insights (collectively “the Data”).

Acceptable use

The Service makes the Data available to you to better understand the podcasting industry. You may use the Data for personal/commercial decisions and public coverage with appropriate attribution (see “Republishing” below). You may not resell or repulish the Data accept as permitted below (see “Republishing”).

Neither the Service nor the Data may be used to solicit business or relationships from any personal information the Service provides. The User is strictly prohibited from using any personal information from the Service to add people or companies to automation, sequence, marketing followup, and the like, or to resell the same information, without the expressed consent of each person.

The Service provides an application programming interface (“the API”) for the automatic or systematic retrieval of the Data. Access to the API may not be shared outside the User's own company or household. The API may also contain rate-limiting to prevent system overload.

Abuse of the Service will result in immediate termination of the User's account without refund.


You may freely cite excepts of the Data with attribution (see below). You agree to not republish real-time or more-often-than-weekly updated data freely available to the public. You may, however, use the API to provide real-time insight and advice to your paying customers within a customers-only interface with no more than ten points of data per page. Historical data is included as a single data point.

When publicly citing information from the Service, you agree to include attribution to “Podcast Industry Insights, by Daniel J. Lewis” (or a similar form) with a link to https://podcastindustryinsights.com (you may omit the https:// and use title capitalization when the domain is in print). Internal citing, such as within your company or on a customer dashboard, does not require attribution.

Payments and refunds

You agree to provide valid and updated payment information to pay the fees associated with your use of the Service. You agree to be automatically charged on a recurring basis for any plan labeled “monthly” or “yearly.”

The Service grants the User immediate access to the Data. As such, refunds will not be allowed for initial payments. Renewal payments on monthly and yearly plans may be refunded only if requested within 24 hours of the renewal payment.

The Day Pass offers access to the Service for no less than 24 hours and provides a way to preview the data or retrieve only what you need for a short time. The Day Pass does not automatically renew and it offers no refund. You may, however, use the Day Pass as a trial for the Service and then apply its full fee toward any recurring plan.


The Service is provided “as is” and without warranty or guarantee as to its completeness, accuracy, or uptime. You agree to hold the Service, D.Joseph Design LLC, and its personnel faultless for any loss or damages resulting in your use of the Service.


While we will make efforts to keep the Services always online, we make no guarantees against outages, downtime, or API response rate. Any outages lasting fewer than 3 days will not be compensated for recurring subscriptions. Day Pass access will be extended by another day if any outage results in fewer than 18 nonconsecutive hours of access to the Service.

Account termination

You may cancel your subscription to the Service at any time. If there is still time remaining on your subscription, you may continue to fully use the Service until your paid-for period expires.

Any violation of these Terms of Service, either explicitly or as determined at the reasonable discretion of its owners, will result in immediate account termination with no refund.


The Service and its parent company operate under the legal jurisdiction of Boone County in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, USA. You agree to have any legal matters addressed under this same jurisdiction.

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